by plane或者是take a plane   <script>showImg("https://iknow-pic.cdn.bcebos.com/f11f3a292df5e0fe0fec4922516034a85edf7219");</script>   拓展资料:   例句:   1.你去那儿坐飞机吗?   I go there by plane.   2.我坐飞机去了马德里。   I taked a plane to Madrid.   3.所以,等你下次坐飞机邻座是个哲学家时,谈谈电影吧,不要谈生命的意义之类的问题。   So next time you sit next to a philosopher ona plane, talk about the movie,  not  the  meaning   oflife.   参考资料:[www.youdao.com]


  乘飞机去北京   Go to Beijing by plane   重点词汇   *   乘飞机去go by aeroplane   *   北京Beijing; Peking (capital of the People's Republic of China)


  我坐飞机来了   翻译英文   I came here by plane.   I took a flight here.

你喜欢坐飞机吗? 英语怎么说?

  Do you like take a plane?   你喜欢坐飞机吗?   I like 后加travel时多用-ing形式。   like+doing sth,(经常性的)喜欢做某事   like+to do sth,(通常指一次性的)做某事   祝你学习进步!

坐飞机英语怎么说5种 急急急

  坐飞机英语可以这么说:Take a plane,见下图百度翻译   <script>showImg("https://iknow-pic.cdn.bcebos.com/e7cd7b899e510fb3f6bfa395d533c895d1430c0a");</script>


  乘飞机回国   Return home by plane   大概六点到,你可以过来接我吗?   It's about six o 'clock. Can you come and pick me up?


  乘客登机流程 The boarding process 第一、办理登机手续 您到达机场后,请到出发大厅指定的服务台凭客票及本人有效身份证件按时办理乘机和行李托运手续,领取登机牌。飞机离站前30分钟停止办理乘机手续。 办理登机手续需要了解的事项:登机牌上一般注明了您的个人姓名、航班号、登机口、航班登机、起飞时间、分配给你的座位号等资料。请保管好您的登机牌,勿自行撕下登机联,它是您最后登机的唯一凭证。 行李声明价值:旅客的托运行李,每公斤价值超过人民币50元时,可以办理行李声明价值,航空公司收取声明价值附加费。声明价值不能超过行李自身的实际价值。每一旅客的行李声明价值最高为人民币8000元。已办理行李声明的行李丢失时,按声明价值赔偿,行李的声明价值高于实际价值时,按实际价值赔偿。 First, the check-in you get to the airport, please go to the departure lobby specified by the counter and my ticket valid for a flight in time and the baggage claim check, and boarding pass. the plane left the station will be closed 30 minutes before check-in. Check-in need to know the boarding : generally indicate your personal name and flight number, and flight is boarding and boarding gate for the departure time and assigned to your seat number information. please keep all your boarding pass and he tore the boarding time, it is your boarding pass the final document. the declared value : luggage from passengers per kilogram, worth more than rmb ¥50, can handle the baggage declaration value, a statement. the value of the surcharge Statement does not exceed the value of real value. every baggage declaration for the value of rmb 8,000 yuan. the baggage declaration has the luggage is lost, the value of compensation, the statement that is higher than the actual value, in actual compensation. 第二、通过安全检查通道 购买了机场建设费和办理了登机手续后,您可以通过安全检查通道了。这里主要是查验您的身份证件、机票,对您的个人及随身携带的行李进行检查,确保安全。具体安全检查过程以及对于您个人及随身携带的行李规定,请参考乘机安检须知。安检人员有权拒绝您携带过多行李登机,也可以因为安全考虑而拒绝您登机,因此,您需要尽量配合安检人员工作,以免产生不必要的麻烦。 Secondly, through the security check point for the airport 建设费 and for the check-in time, you can pass the security check point. here are the main examination of your id card, air ticket for your personal and carry-on luggage checked to ensure security. Physical security and inspection procedure for your personal and carry-on luggage, please refer to the provisions of security. security officials we ought to have the right to refuse to do you have too much luggage check, and for safety and refused to your boarding pass, and so you need to cooperate with security officials work, to avoid any unnecessary trouble. 第三、侯机室等侯登机 通过安检通道后,你可以进入侯机室等侯登机了。请您前往登机牌上标明的指定侯机位置,等待登机。 Third, 侯机室 waiting by the security check, you can enter 侯机室 awaiting boarding. please affix your boarding pass for a specified waiting, waiting for boarding. 第四、登机 登机时间到后,您可以排对登机了。登机时只检查您的登机牌,工作人员将确认您的登机牌已加盖安检章,并正确乘坐航班。同时注意: 注意你所乘航班的登机时间和起飞时间,登机时间一般是比起飞时间提前25分钟,起飞时间一过,你的登机资格将被取消。 侯机位置可能随时变更,请及时关注相关变化,尤其是到了预计登机时间,注意收听机场广播,没有动静时,应考虑可能自己的侯机位置有误,尽快与工作人员联系。 Fourthly, to check boarding time, you are right boarding gate only. check your boarding card, staff will confirm you have to check boarding pass by, and correct in flight. note : Attention to your flight's boarding time and departure time, the boarding time is usually better than the departure time of 25 minutes before departure time is over, you is entitled to be cancelled. 侯机position may be altered, please, especially concerns related to the boarding time, pay attention to the radio, there was nothing to be considered to be their waiting position was wrong, and staff. 第五、在飞机上 当您进入机舱时,可将座位卡交给空中服务员,请他带领入座。到了座位以后,可将外套、帽子等轻便物品,放在座位上方的搁架上,较重的随身行李,则应摆在座位底下,沿途飞机上有任何需要,可以要求服务员帮忙,不用客气。飞机起飞和降落前后,应系好安全带。 起飞后不久,机长会透过广播致欢迎辞,然后再由服务员报告预定到达时刻和注意事项。通常会以该航空公司的国语和英语等两三种语言广播。 飞机上的座位很舒服,扶手下方有一圆形按钮,想仰卧时用力按它,靠背会自动往后倾倒,但飞机起降时,靠背必须放直,恢复原状。 前座背后有一小桌板,吃东西、写信时可拉出使用,用毕收起,非常方便。其下通常置有两三个大袋子,要面放着班机时刻表、航线图、杂志、呕吐专用塑胶袋等。 Fifth, on board when you get into the cabin, but put your card to the waiter, please be seated. he took a seat, but the coat, hat and other lightweight items, on the seat of the upper shelf, the heavier carry-on baggage, it should be placed under the seat, the plane, you need anything, you can ask the waiter to help, don't mention it. takeoff and landing ago, fasten your seat-belts. Shortly after the take-off, the captain will broadcast to welcome the report before the scheduled arrival time and attention. usually by the airlines, mandarin and wait for two or three languages english radio. The seat comfortable, the bottom of a round button to the supine position, as it will automatically fall back on, but the plane 起降, must be put back straight and restoration. before there is a the table and eat, write to pull out of use, put up very easily. its usually with two or three large bag and must face the flight schedule, the route map, magazines, throwing a plastic bag, etc.


  take plane


  我们是坐飞机去的。   We took a fight to get there.   We went there by plane.   A flight sent us there.   我们会坐飞机去。   We will go there by plane.   We are going to take a flight.   We planned to catch an airbus.   Our plan is to take a plane.


  回答和翻译如下 :   1. Tell me the gate number,pls-----请告诉我登机口在哪里?   2. Where is gate ten?/Can you direct me to gate 10?-------10号登机口在哪里?   3. What is the gate number of Flight number fifty-eight to Paris?-------第58次飞往巴黎的班机的登机口是几号?   4. I Would like to change to a later fligt.-------我想改晚一点的班机.   5.I prefer a window seat.-----我比较喜欢靠窗的座位.   6.Will you please show me to my seat.-----请你告诉我的座位在哪儿好吗?   7.Is this your carry on.-----这是你的手提行李吗?   8.I am not tall enough to put my over-coat up there in the over-head compartment.------我个子不够高,无法把大衣放进上面的置物箱里.   9.buckle up around your belly=fasten your seat belt -----系紧安全带   You can easily losen the buckle by flapping this up----松开安全带   10.headset=headphone=earphone-----耳机 ; call-button----叫人纽 ;steward/stewardess 男/女空中服务员   11.Do you take RMB? Do you accept CREDIT CARD?你们收人民币,信用币吗?   12.A:I feel like throwing up.----我想吐   B:Use this waste bag in case you want to throw up.----想吐的话,就用这个呕吐袋.   13.Because of the altitude pressure,my ears are humming terribly.----因为高度压力的关系,我的耳朵鸣得厉害.   14. P:Excuse me,Miss.What will be the local time when we arrive at/land in Bangkok?   S :We should get there by 11:30 p.m. the local time.   15 This is the last call for Flight BA 827 for Rome and Athens.Would passengers who have not yet checked in please report immediately to Check in Counter 27,and then proceed to Passport Control,and afterwards to Gate 30   16.Passengers for Flight B 811 from HK to London,.We are sorry to inform you that your fight will be delay because of the weather,and the new departure time will be known later.Please wait in the waiting room.We are very sorry for any inconvenience.   17.We are now beginning our descent and in a few minutes will land at London Heathrow.Please fasten your seal belts.Do not unfasten your seat belts unti the aircraft comes to a halt.Passengers in transit for other destinations in the United Kindom are requested to go through customs at Heathrow to identify their luggage.   18.Welcome to Flight AB 126 from LONDON to Zurich.In accordance with international flying regualtions,we ask you to pay attention to the demonstration of the use of life jackets.You will find your life jacket under your seat.The emergency exits on the aircraft are clearly marked by arrows on eigther side at the front and in the centre of the aircraft.Lunch will be served during the flight.We hope you enjoy your flight.